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Resurgence Novels is a serialised publishing company, aimed at bringing premium, romantic stories to readers around the globe. Blending traditional publishing standards, with chapter-by-chapter episodes, we’re revolutionising reading within the serialised story market.

Not heard of serialised reading before?
Authors release chapters of their stories sequentially, leaving readers eager for more. Serialised novels have a long and impressive history. Among the notable authors who released their work in serial format is Charles Dickens. In recent times, serialised formats have found a new place – no longer in the pages of newspapers or journals, web-based platforms have become their home.

Resurgence allows readers to escape into a world of imagination, exploring classic romantic tales, endless heartbreak and timeless love stories at your fingertips. Founded in 2022 by acclaimed authors and avid bookworms, our goal is to create an inclusive space for both readers and authors. After years of being part of the publishing world, our founders noticed issues with the unfair treatment of both authors and readers, and it became our duty to create a platform inclusive for all. Our mission is to break the stigma associated with serialised stories, and to create a safe space for all, rooted with honesty, transparency and quality.

Built for authors & readers who share our love and passion for tales, we’re focused on bringing premium and thrilling original stories to all, and with chapters released weekly, both authors and readers will be able indulge in our community and become part of the story. With Resurgence, Authors have endless opportunities to publish their own stories, manage their own workload, and most importantly, connect with their audience.


To create a safe space for all, founded with honesty,
transparency and discretion.





Meet the team

A message from our founders

“We’re a team of passionate women, ready to take charge in the serialised reading world. Our goal is simple: we want to create a way for readers to get access to excellent quality books, affordably, and for writers to feel valued and share their work without feeling like they’re a workhorse on the verge of becoming glue.

Having found success in our own individual careers, we’ve also faced mistreatment along the way, and we recognised a change was needed. The influence of profit-driven companies has harmed the trust and reputation of serialised reading across the industry – we want to heal that wound, and give everyone a place they can come together, and enjoy literature again.

Introducing Resurgence. We’re delighted to have you join us on our journey.”

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